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Made in Arlington using recycled textile waste fabrics, these colorful baskets are fun and functional.
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A decorative container by Trapillo Art, made in Arlington, Virginia (Courtesy photo)

“It’s basically trash,” Arlington artisan Adriana Jaramillo says of her chosen medium, raw trapillo yarn. “I was so surprised that it’s not very well known here in the States. It’s such a versatile material.” 

Created from textile waste fabrics—often cotton or cotton hybrids—trapillo yarn is as soft and comfy as a favorite T-shirt. Jaramillo, a trained interior designer and Lyon Village resident, began crocheting with it during the pandemic and soon had a prolific collection of woven baskets and bins.

Ta Blue Baskets 2

(Photo courtesy of Trapillo Art)

“I took an online class that was taught in Colombia, where I am originally from,” she explains. “I learned more about the material and realized that it’s very popular in South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East—everywhere there’s a major textile industry.” 

Adrianaj Stella De Jaramillo

Arlington textile artist Adriana Jaramillo (Courtesy photo)

Cute and functional, Trapillo Art baskets come in a range of designs, sizes and colors ($18-$48), from ruddy fall hues, winter whites and rainbow pride to catchalls adorned with valentine hearts. Her collection also includes napkin rings (set of 6 for $20), holiday ornaments ($5), wall hangings and accessories. 

Aside from helping people get organized, Jaramillo hopes her crafts bring more attention to the textile industry’s negative environmental impact and the benefits of recycled and upcycled materials. “I just hope to make a positive impact,” she says, “no matter how small.” Find her creations on Etsy and at area pop-up markets.

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