Where To Get Good Bread

Because life is too short to eat cardboard.

Julia Child was once quoted as saying, “How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?”  Preach, Julia. Happily, there are plenty of bakeries in our area doing their part to make America great—turning out addictive, crusty, flavorful loaves that will reaffirm your love of carbs. And suffice to say they are well worth the extra detour beyond the grocery store. Put these stops on your shopping route.

Courtesy of Bread & Water

Bread & Water 

If you haven’t hoovered a hunk of Markos Panas’ famed “M” bread, you’re missing out. It’s an “artisan, rustic, chewy and ‘holey’ table bread,” Panas explains, “reminiscent of sourdough with a beautiful, dark and flavorful crust. Great to mop up sauce and soups, goes great on the grill and makes sandwiches extraordinary.” (Given the bread’s confirmed cult following, it’s fair to say others agree.) Last February, the Alexandria-born bakery opened a third location in Pentagon Row, where other choice selections include multigrain and sourdough loaves and brioche rolls. If you’re feeling extra decadent go for the over-the-top Christmas stollen made with Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Makers Mark, holiday spices, Traverse City, Michigan cherries, apricots, nuts, butter and almond marzipan. Oh my.

1201 S. Joyce St., Arlington (Pentagon City)

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