Cycling Gear With an Edge

Falls Church resident Jon Burns hits big with WTFKits, a line of custom jerseys, water bottles and more.

Jon Burns

“It started out almost as a joke,” says Jon Burns, a lifelong cyclist and the creator of WTFKits, a line of edgy biking apparel and accessories for those who aren’t afraid to let their alter egos shine.

An Internet consultant by day, Burns initially saw his designs as a shout-out to cycling subculture. “For a lot of people, getting on their bicycle is an [exercise in] self-expression,” says the Falls Church resident. “I’m celebrating the good, the bad and the badass of cycling. The stuff that cuts the line between being legitimately funny, cool and weird.”

Now, with more than 30,000 followers on Instagram and customized hats, T-shirts, spandex jerseys and water bottles that sell faster than he can keep them in stock, WTFKits is no longer a joke. Burns’ designs play off common biking themes, riff on old MTV logos or pay homage to pop art and pop culture.
Up next, he hopes to partner with other companies to offer WTFKits-branded seasonal gear and tool kegs to a wider audience. But he’s intent on maintaining his edge. “I’m doing this for myself, not for anybody else—it’s a creative outlet, and it’s very personal. I figured, why be conventional? Why not have fun?”

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