10 Adrenaline-Pumping Halloween Happenings

If you’re looking to get spooked, these haunted houses and trails are worth the drive.

Cox Farms’ Haunted Forest

Cox Farms Fields of Fear 

Fridays and Saturdays through Nov. 2, 7:30-11 p.m.

The Cox family—Eric, Gina, Aaron, Lucas and Lily—strive to make each and every Fields of Fear better than the last. Now in its 10th year, this creepy component of the Cox Fall Festival has a mostly re-imagined haunted forest. Also new this year are two bonus events included in the cost of admission: the “Buried Alive” and “Nyctophobia” (fear of the night or darkness) mini attractions, which are, respectively, a simulated coffin-ride experience and a maze through the dark. But that’s not all: Fields of Fear guests can also check out The Firegrounds for free, where they’ll find a six-lane slide, bonfires, karaoke, a dance floor, live entertainment, and Foamhenge, a replica of Stonehenge made out of (you guessed it) foam. // 15621 Braddock Road, Centreville 

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