11 Whiskey Cocktails to Drink Now

Because nothing warms you up quite like a good bourbon, whiskey, rye or scotch.

March has arrived with a vengeance with bone-chilling rain, blustery winds and power outages. If you’re partial to this amber spirit and need something to warm your insides, here are some crafty beverages to carry you through the homestretch to spring.

Barley Mac Courtesy photo

The drink: The Tipperary

Where to find it: Barley Mac

As its name suggests, this Rosslyn watering hole is big on whiskeys and bourbons, and its March “Cocktail of the Month” doesn’t disappoint. Barley Mac’s take on the classic Tipperary (the origins of which date back to 1916) features Tullemore Dew, infused with orange zest and a hint of honey, sweet vermouth and bitters in a glass rinsed with Chartreuse. Fun fact: The Tipperary was named after the popular tune “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,” sung by marching Irish regiments during World War I.

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