Arlington’s 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

Places to be extra careful whether you're driving, biking or walking.

Anyone who has tried to get around Arlington by bike, car or foot knows that the county’s traffic can be frustrating and, at times, downright scary. In a densely packed community with thousands of residents and commuters, collisions are a regular occurrence. Arlington County Police reported 2,711 collisions in 2016.

To make our roads safer, county police are implementing a number of measures, including analyzing accident data and complaints about certain intersections and sending officers to those locations; and teaching motorists and bicyclists about bike safety on busy roads. The ACPD is also restoring a rush-hour police detail in Rosslyn – a major crossing point from Virginia into the District where construction projects are in full swing and GPS directions aren’t always reliable, says Lt. Steve Meincke, a supervisor in the force’s special operations section. Police report that there were no bicycle, vehicle or pedestrian deaths on Arlington streets last year, but they still urge caution.

Below are the intersections with the largest number of accidents reported to Arlington County police in 2016. To learn more about pedestrian and bike safety in Arlington, read this 2014 story from Arlington Magazine. For more on police efforts to ensure transportation safety, read the agency’s annual report.

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#10 Lee Highway and Spout Run Parkway

Drivers are exiting the George Washington Parkway to enter Arlington, leaving Arlington to head to the District or points west, or heading to local businesses and residences right off of Spout Run – all of which make the area prone to traffic troubles.

Accidents in 2016: 16

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