Nicecream Factory Whips Up Frozen Treats in a Flash

The process results in an extra-smooth ice cream.

Photo by Laura King

Nitrogen is 78 percent of the air we breathe, notes Sandra Tran, who, with her boyfriend, Gil Welsford, owns the Nicecream Factory in Clarendon. Dare we say that the ice cream they produce with that element may prove just as vital to our well-being? It’s made to order in 60 seconds by putting a house-made cream base in a standing mixer and pouring liquid nitrogen over the top while the machine is running. At -321 F, the nitrogen flash-freezes the cream in a smoky haze before evaporating back into the atmosphere.

The result is an extra-smooth, dense treat that contains less air than traditionally churned ice creams—which makes the flavors that much richer. Tran uses quality seasonal ingredients, coupled with cream from grass-fed cows, and the bases are eggless.

The shop offers six flavors a day (out of 80) in a rotation that changes weekly. For spring into summer, look for strawberry-basil, “lemony Jenny,” honey-lavender, fresh blueberry and fresh blackberry. And here’s a tip: If salted caramel is available, get it. Perfected after much trial and error, Tran’s caramel is gooey and intense, with the salt adding a savory balance to the sweetness. ($9.99/pint)
What’s even better than going to the Nicecream Factory? Having it come to you. For an all-inclusive price of $550, two staff members will show up at your bridal or baby shower, bar/bat mitzvah or backyard barbecue with two mixers and all the fixings necessary to mesmerize your guests for an hour, leaving them all screaming for Nicecream.

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