A Better Box Lunch

Mike Isabella wasn't impressed with the catering options for offices. So he entered the bento business.

Anyone who works in an office knows the monotony of the catered lunch—drab sandwiches, pasta salad, chips and sweets that add up to an afternoon coma. Wouldn’t it be nice to have meeting fare consisting of more than empty carbs and processed lunch meat?

Chef Mike Isabella thinks so, and has introduced Bentos by Mike Isabella, a catering option for groups of 15 or more. Its five meal choices include grilled salmon kabobs atop a lemony chickpea-and-roasted-pepper salad with sides of tomato-cucumber salad and charred broccolini (gluten-free); grilled beef tenderloin on cabbage slaw with sweet potato salad and apple-and-grape salad (Paleo-friendly); and falafel and hummus on quinoa tabbouleh with beet salad and roasted acorn squash (vegan).

Offered as individual bento boxes ($13.60 each) or in platter form ($16.82 per person), the meals are meant to be eaten at room temperature, and each comes with a small vegan chocolate-chip cookie. Prices include tax and tip. Orders can be placed online via www.plumrelish.com


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