Cutest Pet Contest 2017

Which of these lovable locals was named cutest of them all? It wasn't an easy decision.

We certainly do love our pets in Northern Virginia. We asked you to send in photos of your beloved pups, kitties and other critters — and you delivered, dear readers!  So herewith are some of the most irresistible (and furry) members of our community with a few details about their personalities and quirks.  Read on to find out which one claimed the top prize as our 2017 Cutest Pet. In addition to bragging rights, the lucky winner receives a complimentary three-night stay and spa bath at Olde Towne Pet Resort.




Breed: Black Lab Mix

Age: 6

Fun Fact: Sammie lives near Gulf Branch. According to her owner, “The only person she’d ever consider biting is Sidney Crosby.” Go CAPS!


Photo by Oslo



Breed: Brown Tabby

Age: 2 months

Fun Fact: Monkie, who lives in Douglas Park, is reportedly missing some whiskers because her sister “ate them off her face”.




Breed: Pitbull-Cocker Spaniel-Springer Spaniel Mix

Age: 3

Fun Fact: Tanner was rescued from under a shed in D.C. and now lives in Nauck. He is sweet to everyone he meets…except for the mailman.




Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd

Age: 10

Fun Fact: Brandy is getting on, but she still looks and acts like a puppy. She loves people but doesn’t much care for other dogs.


Photo by Alex Rheaume



Breed: Vizsla

Age: 6.5

Fun Fact: This Rock Spring guy points at, hunts down and eats bees and flies—especially if they get in the house.


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