Cutest Pet Contest 2017

Which of these lovable locals was named cutest of them all? It wasn't an easy decision.


Photo by Fred Edwards


Chelsea Seadog    

Breed: Yellow Lab

Age: 6

Fun Fact: This Westover lab is fearless—and reportedly a little wacky.


Sammie & Teppo  

Breed: Orange-and-White Tabby

Ages: 10

Fun Fact: A sister and brother from the same litter, these butterscotch kitties live in South Arlington. They love to cuddle with each other and their human.


Photo by Cathy Jamieson



Breed: Black Lab

Age: 7

Fun Fact: Valentine lives in Westover and loves to show off—any time, any place.  And apparently is into yoga. Talk about down dog!




Breed: Chocolate Lab

Age: 8.5 months

Fun Fact: Lucky is from Overlee Knolls and goes to school at Virginia Tech.


Photo by Marnie Russ


Little Roo

Breed: One-of-a-Kind Rescue Kitty

Age: 1

Fun Fact: Shirlington resident Little Roo was born without elbow joints.  As a kitten she would scoot around on her hind end to move.  As she has grown, she has learned to adapt.

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