How to Drink Wine Like a Pro

Local wine sellers offer tips on wine storage, serving, pairings and more.

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Buying a decent bottle is key, but improper serving and storage techniques can turn that killer Bordeaux into money down the drain. For an optimal tasting experience, heed these pro tips.

The Experts


“Serving a wine too warm will accentuate the alcohol and the oak. Serving it too cold will dull it down to the point that you aren’t getting the minerality and the mouth feel—which is what you are paying for in a good bottle,” says Doug Rosen, president of Arrowine & Cheese in the Lee Heights Shops. “A good rule of thumb is the 15-minute waiting period. If you’re serving white wine, take it out of the fridge, uncork it and put it on the counter 15 minutes before you drink it. For red wine, do the opposite: Uncork it and put it in fridge for 15 minutes. The ‘optimal’ drinking temperature for both reds and whites is 55 degrees (cellar temperature), although whites show well at 45 degrees and reds up to 65 degrees.”

What if you need to chill wine in a flash? “Don’t throw it in the freezer,” advises Wendy Buckley, owner of Screwtop Wine Bar in Clarendon. “Fill an ice bucket or mixing bowl with ice water and submerge the bottle. In 15 minutes, it will be ready to go.”