How to Drink Wine Like a Pro

Local wine sellers offer tips on wine storage, serving, pairings and more.


Think of dishwashing as a chore reserved for the end of the evening? Think again. According to Rosen, it should also be part of your pregame ritual. “Very, very important!” he stresses. “If you take a glass directly out of the cupboard and use it straight away without thoroughly washing it, you can ruin the wine. Especially if your glasses are stored in an antique breakfront, or if they’ve been sitting in the cabinet a long time.

“All cabinets, antique or not, are finished with sealants,” he explains. “The result is that you end up smelling and tasting the cabinet, not the wine. Detergent and chlorinated water aren’t the enemies. It may sound counterintuitive, but you want to wash and rinse each glass thoroughly until it smells like chlorinated water. Then pour the wine into the newly cleaned glass—it will smell like fermented grape juice, fresh and pure.”

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