Dry Out With These Mocktails

Getting back on the wagon is easy with these crafty non-alcoholic quaffs.

If you’re going alcohol-free to start the new year, you don’t have to sacrifice your social life and skip going out. These thoughtfully composed, liquor-free libations are packed with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. They’re pretty to behold and will make you feel great the next day.

Great Thyme at The Ritz

Great Thyme at Fyve Restaurant

The lounge at Fyve in Pentagon City’s Ritz-Carlton shakes up several non-alcoholic drinks, including the citrus-forward Great Thyme, a sweet-and-tart refresher that adds thyme syrup to fresh grapefruit and lime juices. The drink gets a spark from soda water and is served over crushed ice in a rocks glass.

The Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City, 1250 South Hayes St.,  Arlington  

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