Extraordinary Teen Awards 2020

Even in dark times, there is hope. These recent graduates are the kinds of future leaders we need.
6 29 Teens Dominick Cocozza

Extraordinary Teen Awards 2020 winner Dominick Cocozza. Photo by Matt Mendelsohn.

The coronavirus arrived just as Arlington Magazine issued the call for nominations for our sixth annual Extraordinary Teen Awards. Then schools closed on March 13. Suddenly, the grand finale of senior year was swept away in a tide of pandemic fears, economic stress, social distancing mandates and the quest for disinfectant wipes.

For the Class of 2020, there would be no prom, no spring sports or spring musicals, boat parties, Beach Week, senior experience or packed auditoriums for cap-and-gown ceremonies. But that doesn’t diminish the collectively spectacular achievements of this year’s graduating class. In fact, quite the opposite. In a time of crisis, our shortchanged seniors showed not only academic, athletic and service leadership, but resilience, stamina, optimism and grace.

Says one of our 2020 award winners: “Every journey has adversity. It makes you stronger.” Words to live by, as we push forward.

Editor’s Note: For an explanation of our award nomination and submission process, plus details about improvements we plan to make going forward and the opportunity to provide input, please see our statement on inclusivity.


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