How to Avoid Summer ‘Brain Drain’

Research suggests that kids tend to lose math and reading skills over the summer. Here are some fun ways to keep them curious and engaged.


Hannah Tasker for Unsplash

Make housework fun! No, seriously.

Think of summer’s more relaxed vibe as a time to empower your kids in the day-to-day life of running the household, says Judy Apostolico-Buck, principal of Barcroft Elementary School in Arlington. Put them in charge of planning a weekly meal—deciding what to cook, going to the grocery store and staying within a budget to purchase ingredients. Or have your children design a chore list, with each person assigned to a particular chore on a particular day. Ask your middle- or high-schooler to schedule every family member’s annual doctor and dentist checkups. “Give kids the opportunity to problem solve, and give them the opportunity to plan,” Apostolico-Buck says. “That’s accessible at any income level and any age. If you do that, you will set them up for academic success.”

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