Just Desserts: An Emergency Guide to Decadence

When your sweet tooth just won't cut it out, head to these shops to properly indulge.

Courtesy of The Italian Store

2. The Italian Store

For creamy cannolis and tiramisu:  There’s something irresistible about Italian desserts. Maybe it’s the creamy fillings or the incredibly rich flavors, or maybe it’s just the attention to time-honored recipes. Stop by The Italian Store to experience these desserts in their most authentic form. Try a crispy cannoli peppered with chocolate chips, or a tiramisu layered with mascarpone and drenched in espresso. These treats will prove mouthwatering for even the pickiest dessert connoisseurs—and they’re available fresh at the counter or frozen for stocking up at home.

5837 N. Washington Blvd, Arlington (Westover)

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