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Eating healthy during pregnancy isn’t easy when you’ve got ravenous food cravings combined with utter exhaustion. And life with a newborn gets even more complicated for weary parents who find they have little time to cook, much less sleep. The easy way out is ordering a salt-laden pizza, or emptying a box of sugary granola bars.

Clarendon resident Erika Lenz is one local mom who has found a way to resist the temptation. She counts herself among the growing number of customers who swear by Momme Meals, a healthful, balanced line of entrées and baked goods, which are delivered fresh-frozen right to her door. “They are really quick, nutritious and I like supporting a local business,” says Lenz, an attorney with a large insurance company. A full dietary panel is provided for each dish, allowing customers to see the exact amount of vitamins and minerals they are getting with every meal.

Momme Meals owner Kristen Bocanegra prepares creations such as Moroccan lentil soup, chicken-barley stew and lemon-lavender-blueberry muffins and drops them off at homes in Arlington, Falls Church and McLean every Saturday. Her commercial kitchen in Alexandria uses only organic produce and free-range meats, and she shuns additives and preservatives. We tried and enjoyed two of her best-sellers: an earthy and mellow potato/spinach “Green Goddess” soup ($8 for 16 ounces) and a surprisingly spicy-hot turkey/beet chili ($9 for a one-pound container).

“I use a lot of fresh herbs and spices to create complex dishes without the sodium component,” says Bocanegra, who grew up in a “very food-centric” Italian household. “My foods are geared to flavor as well as nutritional value.” Each recipe is reviewed by a registered dietitian. In addition to pregnant and nursing women, her clients include elderly folks and people recovering from physical injuries.

What’s new for summer? “Green Vinaigrette”—a line of healthy dressings to complement the fresh fruits and vegetables from our local farmers markets.

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