Author: Walter Nicholls

Junk Food No More – FitArlington

If Snickers bars are your nemesis, or your child often comes home denying any knowledge of what caused his blue-raspberry mustache, fear not a trip to the local park, school or library. FitArlington, a community wellness project led by Arlington County Board member Walter Tejada, has made healthier snack options one of its objectives for county-sponsored vending machines...

Mangosteen Madness

Confession: I’m obsessed with mangosteens. Often referred to as the “queen of fruits,” this delectable tangerine-size treat (no relation to a mango) has a thick, fibrous outer shell, a green four-leafed stem and a milky-white segmented center. The center texture is juicy, with a refreshing flavor that tastes sweet and then tart. In Southeast Asia, the harvest season runs from May to October ...

Pig Out at Green Pig Bistro

If going whole hog is your idea of the perfect party, you’ll be happy to know that Green Pig Bistro owner and chef Scot Harlan has taken his devotion to the “head-to-tail” movement on the road. Last summer, the restaurant began catering weddings, company picnics and backyard barbecues ...

House Spirits – Homemade Gin Kit

It was the summer of 2012, and Jack Hubbard and Joe Maiellano were having a few G&Ts in Maiellano’s Crystal City condo when the talk turned to opening their own distillery. “Usually, it’s a drunken idea that never goes anywhere,” Hubbard says. Building a brick-and-mortar operation seemed out of the question for the 20-somethings, both of whom work as nonprofit fundraisers. That’s when they had their “lightbulb moment.”

Hot Dishes

What’s in demand right now? Seven local establishments share their most coveted spring selections.

The Crawfish Are Coming! – Chasin' Tails

Mid-March signals the kickoff of crawfish season, and the frenzy over this sweet, succulent Louisiana staple isn’t limited to the throngs who visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. These bite-size freshwater crustaceans, which resemble tiny lobsters, are in their prime through May.

Pies on Wheels – Acme Pie Co.

Sol Schott has found a way to successfully mingle two of his passions: baking and bicycles. Last fall, the Douglas Park resident parlayed more than 20 years of experience as a pastry chef into the launch of Acme Pie Co., an Arlington-based wholesale and retail baked-to-order business ...

Sunday Special – La Cochabambina Lunch Truck

Every Sunday (and only on that day), you can find three or more Bolivian food trucks parked on Arlington Boulevard, near the intersection of Annandale Road in Falls Church. One, in particular, draws crowds at midday and into the afternoon, with customers waiting in a line that sometimes stretches 30 or more deep. That’s why I stop for lunch at La Cochabambina. Lines seldom lie.

Jose's Way – Jose Andres Foods

José Andrés wants you to put potato chips in your omelet, just as he does at home. And not just any chips will do. The internationally known chef, co-owner of Jaleo and the soon-to-open (by March) America Eats Tavern in McLean (as well as a dozen other ThinkFoodGroup restaurants), prefers that you buy the bag with his picture on it ...

Class Act – Cooking Classes

Want to learn the secrets behind flaky, buttery croissants or classic dim sum? Cooking classes are a terrific way to meet new people and broaden your culinary skills. And there are plenty of options in our area. (Check the websites below for specific class dates and prices.) After language classes, the most popular courses taught ...

Little Bangladesh – The Garden City Shopping Center

The Garden City Shopping Center on Lee Highway (just east of the intersection with George Mason Drive) is home to five Bangladeshi-owned markets and restaurants, as well as an Indian restaurant and a Pakistani grocery. The sum total is an Indian subcontinent destination. “People come from all over, from Baltimore to Richmond ...

Apple of My Eye

Naturalists, artists and food lovers converge in Sperryville, a quaint town that was once home to a bountiful apple trade.

Local Flavor

Eleven chefs dish on their passions and aversions, their culinary influences and their favorite places to eat, shop and play around town.