Now Brewing: Kodikas Coffee

The Arlington roaster got its start with help from Veritas Coffee in Manassas.

What do you drink to relieve stress? Arlington-based wellness counselor Makoto Fujisaki, owner of Resterra Consulting, believes that a cup of joe can be calming. So he recently launched a side business in Kodikas Coffee, a medium-roast whole-bean blend of Colombian, Ethiopian and Honduran Arabica coffee that he created with the help of Veritas Coffee in Manassas. Though it’s a stimulant, he makes a case for the beverage as it relates to the “three Rs” of stress management: Rest (taking the break to drink it); Recreation (enjoying the ritual of coffee-making); and Relaxation (the resulting pleasure is a mood lifter).

Fujisaki offered his first batch of Kodikas coffee beans online in September, and within two months sold out of all 100 one-pound bags ($16.95 each). He’s now courting retailers and hopes to one day open his own coffee shop. I brewed a cup and found it to be a pleasant, middle-of-the-road brew. Did it relieve my stress? Not really. But it helped me hit a deadline.

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