Order This and Your Bartender Will Judge You

Local barkeeps divulge the drink orders that make their eyes roll.

Fine, I’ll admit it: I enjoy a nice piña colada on a hot summer night. Is that a crime? Apparently so. The last time I ordered one, my bartender rolled her eyes with such force that she may or may not have been responsible for the subsequent windstorm that ripped through the area that evening. The encounter begged just one question: Is this an isolated incident, or do bartenders really think my beverage of choice is annoying? So, in the honest pursuit of journalistic integrity (and totally, definitely not my own self-serving vanity), I surveyed barkeeps from some of our area’s most popular watering holes to find out which drink orders make their skin crawl. Here, their honest (and anonymous) answers.



Bad news for winos. I got three bartenders from Crystal City’s Highline RxR to spill the beans (or rosé, rather) on their most hated drinks. And across the board, frosé takes the cake. “It’s not so much pouring the drink as it is preparing it…there’s a lot that goes into prepping the rotator at the beginning of my shift, and the more people order it, the more likely it is I’ll have to refill the machine,” one bartender reported. Said another: “Frosé is the absolute worst. It’s sort of like pouring a slurpee…when you’re in a rush it’s easy to over-pour and you end up with sticky hands the rest of your shift. Not to mention it’s always the most annoying drunk girls that come in requesting it.”

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