Restaurant Review: Istanbul Grill

The Bluemont newcomer scores points for flavor.

Shrimp kebab. Photo by Jonathan Timmes.

Pescatarians will enjoy the subtly charred, expertly grilled shrimp kebab, and the whole bronzino, which is also skillfully grilled in such a way that the flesh acquires a hint of smokiness but remains moist.

Dessert-wise, you’ll do well if you look beyond the usual choices. Bypass the unremarkable baklava and opt instead for a square of kazandibi—a divine, ultra-lush milk pudding topped with a thin layer of caramelized sugar and a dusting of cinnamon.

Kunefe, a sweet cheese dessert and Kazandibi (milk pudding). Photos by Jonathan TImmes.

Smiley-face emojis also apply to the kunefe, a round of gooey cheese topped with a layer of shredded, crispy phyllo (kataifi) and drenched with rosewater syrup. Take in a forkful, sip some Turkish coffee and exult in the background song stylings of Turkish artists like Sezen Aksu and the band Seksendört (thank you, Shazam!) while you plot your next return to Istanbul Grill.


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