Warm Up with Korean Soups at Gom Tang E

Beat the winter cold with a trip to this Eden Center gem in Falls Church.

Samgyetang at Gom Tang E in the Eden Center. Photo by Amy Moore 

You have to search for Gom Tang E, a lone Korean restaurant in a sea of Vietnamese joints at the Eden Center. But the payoff is worth it. A cauldron of cloudy seolleongtang (oxtail broth) bubbles away near the host stand, filling the air with the heady aroma of beef stock. But I am partial to two other soups. Galbitang is a clear beef broth served with sweet potato (glass) noodles, scallions, onions, Korean radish and a Flintstones-size short rib, from which the server cuts chunks of tender meat tableside, adding them to the broth. The other soup, samgyetang, features a whole poached baby chicken, served in its broth with a sprinkle of chopped scallions. Four small side dishes (banchan) come with the soups, among them traditional kimchi, sweet Korean black beans, fish cake with pickled onions and a quick radish kimchi. edencenter.com/portfolio/gom-tang-e-korean/

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