Which Out-of-State Colleges Accepted the Most Arlington Grads in 2019?

Here are the top 20.

By now the acceptances have rolled in, and graduating seniors are deciding where they will begin the next chapter of their education. Which out-of-state colleges and universities accepted the most Arlington graduates last year?  The following list was drawn from Arlington Magazine’s annual College Admissions snapshot, which highlights where Arlington Public Schools (APS) graduating seniors applied and were accepted. The data were self-reported by APS students from H-B Woodlawn, Wakefield, Washington-Liberty and Yorktown. Tuition figures sourced from USNews.com.

Dickinson Fb 2

Dickinson College (Facebook photo)

Dickinson College

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Tuition and fees:  $56,498

APS Class of 2019 Applied: 32

APS Class of 2019 Accepted: 18

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