10 Healthy(ish) Dishes to Order Out

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating in. Try these not-so-guilty pleasures at area restaurants.


Magic Dragon Bowl

South Block3011 11th St. N., Arlington, southblockjuice.com

Photo by Jonathan Timmes.

If Amir Mostafavi had gazed into a crystal ball in 2004, he might have heard a mystic whispering to him: Açaí a bright future in stores for you! (See what I did there?) That’s when the former graphic designer, inspired by visits to Southern California, launched his first juice bar, Campus Fresh, at George Washington University in the District. “This area needed a vibe that made you feel good,” says the entrepreneur, who was born in Iran and grew up in McLean. “It’s colorful, smells good and is good for you.”

By 2011, Mostafavi had his sights set on Arlington and took a small space in the South Block building in Clarendon, changing the name of his business accordingly. South Block offers a simple menu of smoothies and bowls, including an açaí (which, for the uninitiated, is pronounced ah-sah-ee) bowl made with a purée of imported Brazilian açaí, a superfood berry. My favorite option, however, features another superfood—pitaya (aka dragon fruit)—if for no other reason than the exotic fruit’s alluring magenta hue. For the Magic Dragon bowl, the pitaya purée is whirled into a sorbet-like consistency with coconut water, agave, strawberries and mangoes, then topped with granola, shaved coconut, goji berries and strawberries. In April, South Block unveiled a new storefront in Ballston Quarter. A 10th location opens in Rosslyn this summer.


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