10 Restaurants a Vegetarian Can Love

Meatless options aren't an afterthought at these local eateries.

The meatless Reuben at Mike’s Deli. Photo by Lia Tabackman

2. Mike’s Deli at Lazy Sundae

112 N. West St., Falls Church City

If you’ve always wished someone would recreate classic diner foods in herbivore-friendly form, look no further than Mike’s Deli, co-owned by siblings David and Rebecca Tax of Clare & Don’s Beach Shack (another of our top picks). Here you can chow on a Philly cheesesteak that’s done up with tasty veggies and melted cheese (with soy substitutes available in lieu of meat), stuffed into a hoagie roll and perfectly toasted on the grill. The vegetarian Reuben has all of the components of the traditional sandwich—Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, crisp rye bread—but with a very convincing mock chicken filling in for the corned beef. (And for those who still decry soy-based meats as “too artificial,” the Deli’s version of “chicken” is adequately salty, not at all rubbery, and pulls apart in a way that most soy products fail to do.) The provolone can also be swapped for soy cheese upon request.

Other dishes to try:

  • Vegi-bacon breakfast sandwich
  • Cali “chicken” club
  • Haifa hummus
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