10 Restaurants a Vegetarian Can Love

Meatless options aren't an afterthought at these local eateries.

Vegan banh mi sandwich at Loving Hut. Photo by Lia Tabackman

3. Loving Hut

2842 Rogers Drive, Falls Church

Tucked into a shopping center off Lee Highway, Loving Hut’s sole Virginia franchise presents a menu that’s 100 percent vegan, with options ranging from flavorful Vietnamese fare to meatless “burgers” and fries. The vegan Bahni Mi includes an array of pickled vegetables, two different kinds of meat substitutes, fresh cilantro and the creamiest vegan mayo around. All of this is stuffed into bahn mi bread, a Vietnamese version of French bread that is airier than its European counterpart but just as crusty on the outside. Save room to sample some of the restaurant’s vegan pastries and desserts, courtesy of Vegan Treats Bakery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Other dishes to try:

  • Pho Vietnamese noodle soup
  • Sweet and sour protein
  • Sautéed jalapeño tofu
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