11 Restaurants That Do Brunch Right

This midday meal is all about indulgence. Go for it.

Smoked salmon lox and eggs at Oby Lee. Photo by Tyler Darden.

4. Oby Lee

3000 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington | 571-257-5054 | obylee.com

If the light, bright, red-and-white interior isn’t enough to wake you up, then the crepes will. The choice of sweet or savory comes down to whether you want to mainline sugar for breakfast or prefer to start the day more sensibly, with eggs and veggies. Both varieties come in large, shallow bowls with fillings wrapped in a delicate, generously sized crepe. Smoked salmon lox and eggs with Gruyere includes a dollop of creme fraiche on top that pulls the dish together; and the brown sugar crepe summons memories of childhood cinnamon-sugar toast. Sipping chocolate, a cup of midnight-black decadence, lives up to its reputation and makes up for the limited tea selection.