11 Restaurants That Do Brunch Right

This midday meal is all about indulgence. Go for it.

Twisted Vines sous-chef Jaquan Clements. Photo by Tyler Darden.

Strawberry French toast at Twisted Vines. Photo by Tyler Darden.

6. Twisted Vines

2803 Columbia Pike, Arlington | 571-482-8581 | twisted-vines.com

Brunch at a wine bar? Skeptics should check their doubts at the door. This intimate eatery doesn’t cut corners with its frittata: Jumbo lump crab and a sprinkling of Old Bay evoke the Eastern Shore, scallions add the requisite crunch, and the finish—a drizzle of chipotle aioli and slices of avocado arranged in a fan on top—makes the dish a standout. A spritz of strawberry sauce adds just the right amount of sweetness to French toast. As for drinks, the small container of Baileys Irish Cream that accompanies the coffee is a nice touch (a server explains that putting the liqueur in a separate glass gives customers control of their inebriation level). Another nice touch: A light fixture made of wineglasses and wine bottles hangs over a windowfront table that looks out at the farmers market across the street.