11 Restaurants That Do Brunch Right

This midday meal is all about indulgence. Go for it.

Kim Chee sandwich at Junction Bakery & Bistro. Photo by Tyler Darden.

8. Junction Bakery & Bistro

1508 Mount Vernon Ave., Del Ray | 703-436-0025 | junctionbakery.com

Lululemon-clad women coming from yoga class and couples with kids mingle at this Del Ray newcomer, which has been open less than a year but is already becoming the go-to place for locals. Brunch options come in a range of portion sizes for varying appetites—croissants and scones, a list of “toasts,” “smaller things” and “bigger things.” The toasts consist of toppings such as avocado, arugula, radishes and ricotta piled atop brioche, sourdough or white bread. Chicken liver and porridge are listed under “little things,” and biscuit combos under “big things.” The Country combo—eggs and a disk of house-made sausage sandwiched between two cheddar-and-chive biscuits—is a classed-up version of an Egg McMuffin. Feeling adventurous? Order the Kim Chee sandwich, which finds house-made kimchi, fried egg, bacon, pork shoulder and lime rice mayo on a brioche roll.