Livin’ The Pie Life Finds Sweet Success

The pie shop on North Glebe Road started as a farmers market stall.

Livin’ the Pie Life owners Wendy MacCallum (left) and Heather Sheire. Photo by Amy Moore

In April, Livin’ the Pie Life owners Heather Sheire and Wendy MacCallum (both Barcroft residents) moved out of their farmers market stall and opened their first brick-and-mortar shop on North Glebe Road, where their splendiferous pies ($22-$36) are selling out lickety-split.

“The crust is what makes our pie,” says Sheire, who learned the art of the handmade pie crust from her uncle. “It’s flaky like a croissant and buttery like puff pastry. We use the best-quality butter, in a 4-to-1 ratio with trans-fat-free shortening.”

Watch for peach pies to start rolling out around mid-July once local freestone peaches become available. For the filling, the master bakers toss the sliced fruit with lemon juice, brown sugar, granulated sugar and a little bit of cornstarch.

Or, for a savory taste of summer, go for the tomato pie. “We layer sharp cheddar cheese, sweet onions, scallions, fresh basil, tomatoes and a little bit of mayo and bake it to golden brown and bubbling,” MacCallum says, likening the flavor profile to a margarita pizza. “But it also has a quiche-y quality. People go crazy for it.” Call us crazy.

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