10 Local Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Looking for a job? A lost pet? A bike to borrow? Other new moms in the neighborhood? There’s an app for that.

You probably already know how to order an Uber, and you almost definitely visit the Facebook app to do some light procrastinating—but did you know that with a quick visit to the app store you can notarize a document over video chat or track your dog with Bluetooth? In no particular order, here are some fresh apps that you should make room for on your smartphone. Some of them were even created in Arlington.



Being a pet owner comes with its own set of anxieties. Did your dog break through the fence while you were in the shower? Did your indoor cat sneak out the side door when your kids left it open? Which hotels and restaurants will welcome your pooch on your next road trip? These are the questions that prompted Ballston resident Jaime Bowerman to found RoamingTails in 2014. The app uses Bluetooth to connect to a small tag on your pet’s collar, and digital watermark technology to store key information on that tag—such as your pet’s name and address, current medications and vaccination records.  Beacon technology (low-frequency Bluetooth) sends an alert to your phone if your pet leaves his assigned vicinity. The app also alerts other RoamingTails users when there is a missing pet nearby, at which point they can view any public information posted by you, the lost pet’s owner, to help facilitate Fido’s safe return. Another feature let’s you scout out pet-friendly hotels and eateries.




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