10 Local Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Looking for a job? A lost pet? A bike to borrow? Other new moms in the neighborhood? There’s an app for that.


A newcomer in the D.C. market, this app-based laundry service allows you to schedule to have your clothes picked up, cleaned and dropped off on your doorstep while you work, run errands or fulfill the million other tasks on your to-do list. With the “Rush” feature, you can even have your laundry picked up and returned within the same day. Did you spill coffee on that shirt you need for an upcoming business meeting? You can upload a photo of said shirt to highlight special instructions or point out the soiled areas. What’s more, the whole process can be tracked via GPS—meaning your inner control freak can follow your favorite blouse as obsessively as you would track your latest Amazon Prime shipment.



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