10 Local Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Looking for a job? A lost pet? A bike to borrow? Other new moms in the neighborhood? There’s an app for that.

Arlington VA Service Request

Ah, the cringing feeling of running over a pothole. There’s that loud bumping noise and some futile worrying about your ride’s wheels and undercarriage, followed by a burning irritation around the obvious questions: Why is that hole there and when is someone going to do something about it? The Arlington VA Service Request app may not have a cute name or trendy interface, but it does let you bypass the purgatory of the county government’s phone system and send service requests directly to the proper officials. You can use the app to report dangerous potholes, fallen trees and power lines, broken streetlights and more. It provides tracking information for those requests and alerts your phone as soon as the situation is resolved.



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