10 Local Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Looking for a job? A lost pet? A bike to borrow? Other new moms in the neighborhood? There’s an app for that.


If you’ve ever had to get a document notarized you know what a pain it can be. Perhaps you even used some of your precious PTO to make that in-person visit to an authorized notary public with duplicate copies of your documents in hand. Well, this app is out to change that. Developed in Crystal City’s 1776 tech incubator, Notarize allows users anywhere in the country to have documents notarized through their phones, 24 hours a day. The app takes advantage of a Virginia law passed in 2011 that allows Virginia-certified notaries to complete the notarization process remotely, or via video calls. Thanks to the “Full Faith and Credit” clause in the U.S. Constitution, documents notarized by Commonwealth notaries are valid anywhere in the country.




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