Covid Chronicles

Cal Cates

"As a massage therapist in the middle of a global pandemic, I'd like to ask you to stay home—no matter what the governor says."

Ingrid Gorman

Searching for sanity in home improvement: "The drooping cabinet door nobody cared about for years is now a disappointment."

Lisa Griffin

When Covid-19 interrupted plans to honor this American hero with a proper retirement ceremony at Fort Myer, we knew we had to step up.

Mike Higgins

“With eternal love to my wife, Shannon—and all who’ve magnified the best of us—on this 20th anniversary of our marriage.”

Kim Rosenthal

"Without hockey and baseball, my husband recently found himself cheering the skillful play of a dodgeball tournament rerun." 

Amanda Taylor

"I can be welcomed into a grocery store with a bandana tied around my face. My white skin frees me from the worry that I may be mistaken for a criminal."

Jennifer Cassata

"When I asked my senior, 'Are you okay?' it was something she had heard me ask a gazillion times. However, this was so not one of those times."