Covid Chronicles

Kim Rosenthal

"Without hockey and baseball, my husband recently found himself cheering the skillful play of a dodgeball tournament rerun." 

Amanda Taylor

"I can be welcomed into a grocery store with a bandana tied around my face. My white skin frees me from the worry that I may be mistaken for a criminal."

Jennifer Cassata

"When I asked my senior, 'Are you okay?' it was something she had heard me ask a gazillion times. However, this was so not one of those times."

Lee Smith

"On March 13, I sat in the parking lot of Washington-Liberty High School and wished my high-school career goodbye."

Reema Bogin

"Masks are a double-edged sword for people like me. The D.C. area has one of the highest per capita populations of deaf and hard of hearing people." 

Susan Silver Levy

"Little did I realize all those nights around the kitchen table, bartering sheep and brick for ore and wood, amounted to training that would help me survive quarantine."

Madelyn Rosenberg

"We said a prayer for health care workers. We made jokes about the prophet Elijah maintaining six feet of social distancing. We drank grape juice and terrible wine."

Annie Moyer

"When we see students practicing poses in their homes with cats perched on their bellies, dogs stretching downward alongside them, we see a landscape of beautiful proportions."

Jen Atkin

"All of my kids are home. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel a sense of peace.  But this isn’t how it’s supposed to be."

Sam Haga

"I had pictured the spring of my freshman year of college differently. Discussing Renaissance poetry over Zoom doesn’t quite feel Shakespearean."