The Best Pizza in Town

Here are 11 places to try. Now tell us who we left out.

Pie-tanza. Photo by Adam Freedman.


Co-owner Ed McKee has done a lot of thinking about the ideal pie: “It isn’t doughy and gooey and overloaded with cheese; it’s more in balance, so there’s not too much of anything on it.” His kitchen also cooks its thin-crust pizzas differently from the norm. Each pie goes in front of the fire at the beginning, so it immediately starts to brown; then it’s moved to the back of the oven to finish cooking. That guarantees that the crust won’t burn at the last minute. “We felt it was gentler on the dough,” McKee says. There’s a consistency to the main attraction here, he adds, given that the same employee, Eusebio Nolasco, has been making the dough by hand—not with a mixer—for 14½ years. That partly explains why loyal followers keep coming back for offerings such as the balsamic-drizzled goat cheese and arugula pie with prosciutto and pear.

2503 N. Harrison St. (Lee Harrison Shopping Center), Arlington;

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