7 Workouts to Try at Arlington’s Fitness + Wellness Festival

Looking for a new routine? Here's your chance to test out a variety of options, from kick boxing to cardio hip-hop.

Yoga or HIIT? Kickboxing or Zumba? Water aerobics or Pilates? If you’re drowning in the sea of fitness options our area has to offer, just remember that exercising is a personal experience, and the “best” workout should be one that works for you and your body.  To help you find your favorite way to move,  The Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival is coming to Gateway Park in Rosslyn on May 12 from 1-5 p.m. Participants will be able to try out condensed versions of local fitness classes like Orange Theory, kickboxing and barre through “mini-workout” sessions that are all under ten minutes, rotating every 20 minutes to give you a break between classes.  Festival tickets are $40 at the door. Here are seven of the featured workouts you’ll be able to test drive.

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1. HIIT Circuit Training

Orangetheory Fitness Arlington – Clarendon

Orangetheory’s  high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is served circuit-style and famed for burning excess calories fast. The festival’s condensed version will use benches, bands and light weights for circuit training that tones key muscle groups.

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